I decided to purge my drafts folder; Or, not-very-interesting things I have tried to write entries about over the past few weeks.

  • Was pretty sure I was going blind due to a whole slew of alarming eye symptoms (a “floater,” EYE PAIN, double vision, flashing lights, headaches).  And not blind as in “can’t see well,” but blind as in “can’t see AT ALL.”  Google is such a helpful tool for hypochondriacs.  So I went to the ophthalmologist and they told me my retinas aren’t detaching but that I do have severe eyestrain.  But yay!  Not going blind!  This is cause for celebration.
  • Also thought I had diabetes.  Still do a little, actually.  There is no real rationale behind this, save for some excessive thirstiness and fatigue.
  • Cautionary Husband got laid off.  This is a bummer.  He’s been trying to help me out by running errands and watching Cautionary Dog during the day, and I caught myself thinking a few days ago that he could go to the eye doctor for me.  Maybe what I really need to get examined is my BRAIN.
  • Wrote a check for $4,500 to the IRS two days ago.  This is, indeed, a mini-crisis for my firmly liberal self.  And is what’s referred to, I believe, as taking it up the ass.
  • The possum came back, greeting me by sniffing around six inches from MY HEAD when I was lying on the floor watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force.  My best friend and my brother were there, so I mostly stood in the hallway and freaked out (under the pretense of detaining Cautionary Dog) while they got it outside using only a mixing bowl and a record.  The next day Cautionary Husband found it dead behind my apartment.
  • Can cuss again without feeling guilty, and I’m grateful for this.  But trying to give it up for 40 days has had unexpected repercussions.  Namely, I now say “crap” when something terrible/unexpected/painful/infuriating/accidental happens.  Like I’m twelve years old or something.
  • Want Love in the Time of Cholera to never end.  So good.  So so so good.  And thanks for all the great recommendations.  I’ve already read a few of them (y’all know me so well), but I’ll definitely check the others out.
  • Still don’t really know what the hell I’m doing.
  • Missing writing.

A commenter on my previous post had the great idea of my readers asking me questions to prompt some posts, and a few have already asked some good ones.  I wanted to open up the floor to everyone and invite you to ask me anything.  About anything.  I’ll try to answer all of the questions as honestly as I can in upcoming posts.



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10 responses to “I decided to purge my drafts folder; Or, not-very-interesting things I have tried to write entries about over the past few weeks.

  1. confessionsofasecretkeeper

    Ooooh, I love “question time”, but as a rule I’m generally not very good at it!!

    What’s the biggest achievement you think you’ve made since living alone?

  2. DB

    I told you that possum was going to come back!

    Question: What advice about marriage would you give a young woman who just got engaged?

  3. alifeinsubtitles

    ok, ready for it..?

    would you rather burp confetti or fart purple gas?

    don’t answer right away. i’ll wait…

  4. juliennejiggs

    I recently made a friend ask me questions so I could try and sort out my life – she wasn’t a very good “asker”. So, let’s try this with you!

    What do you miss the most about CH?

    I think I remember reading that some parental units weren’t really supportive of your marriage. Why not?

    Hmm – that’s all I’ve got for now!

  5. Sarah

    I saw a baby possum today. It climbed a tree and was running away from a dog. Poor baby possum.

    My question: What is the opposite of the song “The Hazards of Love (The Drowned)”? Abstractly speaking of course.

  6. you know

    a) was it worth waiting to have sex until you got married?
    b) what was it about Cautionary Lover that made you fall for him?
    c) what is it about Cautionary Husband that made you stay?
    d) how’s the petite bunny? 🙂

  7. 1) What is your favorite memory of Cautionary Lover?
    2) What is your favorite memory of Cautionary Husband?
    3) Favorite drink? (come on, I like to drink!)
    4) And that old, if you could meet anyone living or dead who would it be?

  8. Jennie

    If you published a book, who would you dedicate it to?

  9. Anonymous

    Wow, so it looks like others had many of the same questions I had… and questions that had never occurred to me :). I do have a few, however, that I don’t think others have asked. After you and CL consummated your relationship, how did you feel? Did you know you were going to have sex before you did? What sparked your interest in CL when you first started caring for him, and did you ever imagine at that point that you would end up having a relationship?

  10. amberholland

    I don’t have a question, but I did just spend the last two hours reading your blog. I’ll be back! Oh and to answer “alifeinsubtitles”: who wouldn’t want to burp confetti? It would be like a tiny party in your mouth every time you had indigestion!

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