Ye olde blocke continues.

Cautionary Girl: Maybe I’ll never blog again.

Designated Friend: What? Whyfore?

Cautionary Girl: I dunno. So not feeling it. And when I’m not feeling it, I can’t imagine a time I will be feeling it again. Since I’m not really sure what “it” is. I forget quickly.

Designated Friend: I believe it was hand wringing pain and agony. So, not feeling it might be a good sign.



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10 responses to “Ye olde blocke continues.

  1. humanbeingblog

    I’ve deserted my other, anonymous blog recently. The one I get paid to write. Because I am not feeling it, and even money isn’t motivating me to feeling it.

  2. juliennejiggs

    I understand the lack of motivation and just not having the desire anymore. But know that if you do decide to abandon this I’ll miss you 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    If you’re ever in need of someone to ask you questions about your situation in order to spur some inspiration, let me know. I’m good at asking questions and am curious about a few things. But I only want to ask them if you think it would be good for you to think about the affair. It’s probably a sign of healing that you aren’t desperately needing to write right now. In my experience, it comes in waves.

  4. acautionaryblog


    I might be up for some questions. Whatcha got? 🙂

  5. you can tell us about the good stuff too! 🙂

  6. carl

    A blog topic for your consideration:

    how did you meet CL and how did you go from being married to in an affair so quickly?

  7. kindred spirit

    Your feelings for CL still run strong. Yet do you know how he feels about you? Did the guilt shut him down? Do you still talk to him? If he summoned you, would you go? Was it “just an affair” or was it much more to you?

  8. alifeinsubtitles

    music. music the ultimate inspirerererrer.

  9. Breanna


  10. I’m going to need that password please 🙂 Email to

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