Oh, bah.

So last week I totally racked up the awards (or, like, two, whatever), and this week I’m all DO NOT WANT TO BLOOOOOOG.

Think the two are in any way related?

Anyway, here’s your honorary blog post about how much I don’t want to blog just to break the blogging silence bloggity blog blog blog.

I’m a copyeditor.  In advertising.  I think I may have covertly mentioned that here before, but now I guess I’m announcing it.  Anyway, today I marked to change “staycation” to “vacation” on an ad mostly because the word just plain pisses me off.  Really, I don’t have this much power in the advertising world, but, let me tell ya, it felt good to circle that foolish word with my purple copyediting pen and say aloud “STUPID,” though what I wrote down next to it was something more like, “Is it REALLY a ‘staycation’ if the prize is a 3-night hotel stay in St. Louis, and the sweepstakes is open to Illinois as well as Missouri?”

I’m trying to come to terms since the disturbing comment with how much information is TOO MUCH INFORMATION to reveal on my anonymous blog, and the previous paragraph probably crosses all sorts of anonymous blogging lines, but I needed a story to tell, and I think that one pretty much damn well sums up the funk I’m in.

Easter is on Sunday.  You can expect the profanity to increase at least a hundredfold next week.

I should confess here that two weeks ago I said “goddamn” TWICE in my FACEBOOK STATUS that my MOM READS.  I’m getting a little better at the whole “This is me.  Love me or hate me.” thing.

Now, if I could only figure out how to apply it to my marriage.

More tomorrow.  This is obviously just filler.



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4 responses to “Oh, bah.

  1. Glad you’re back. Write what you want. There’s always that risk of being “discovered” that comes with any anonymous blog, which has kept me from starting my own anonyblog. Yeah, I fear being discovered for all those things you wouldn’t have imagined I’d be saying. Which is maybe for the best because none of that stuff should be said out loud anyway.
    Keep writing, you have great voice. I wouldn’t want to see this one end for the same reasons your other ended — that you couldn’t be yourself.

  2. “Staycation”? Really? Gross.

  3. jen

    Hey, pleased you’re back! I miss the cautionary tales!! My blog is anonymous (as far as you can be using a photo of yourself and your real first name haha). I still sensor what I write to a certain extent, I have 2 blogs so that I can tell people I blog but don’t have to reveal my secrets to them (i.e. I don’t give them the Blogger one!!!) and to be honest the world is such a massive place it’s not all that likely someone’s going to track you down unless you want them too! (You do also have plausable deniability because it’s not like you have your name / photo splashed all over your blog, it could be anyone!!). Failing that just don’t tell people you blog 🙂 Hope you find a way out of the funk!! x

  4. As someone who’s basically made a blog of TMI, I hear you. It’s hard to know where the line is sometimes… so I just pretty much ignore it. 🙂

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