In (un)related news.

Cautionary Dog ate my Bible today.

Well, not the WHOLE thing, but most of the Pentateuch.



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9 responses to “In (un)related news.

  1. That is not actually funny.

    But it did give me a much-needed smile. And made me say “OMG” outloud.

  2. *giggle*

    I disagree – funny as hell!!! (Pardon the pun!)

    That dog is gonna hurt himself one day – doggie Prozac maybe?…

  3. jen

    Bless the pouch! x

  4. I like that you had to tell us it was unrelated. 🙂

    Happy weekend!!

  5. alifeinsubtitles

    dog eats god. irony.

  6. I shouldn’t be laughing.. but here I sit, snorting instead. Oh dear!

  7. BanditWhite5Golf

    It’s good that dogs eat bibles.
    Where I’m from we suffer from an overpopulation of Bibles but the liberals wont let us hunt them.

  8. Ptolemy

    We had a dog eat a Bible once, too — a large, leather-bound RSV… It’s a good story to have in your repertoire!

  9. Where are you??? I need another post!! Yes, I. Selfish me. I. Whatever.

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