• I went to Gaybingo with a few gay friends last Saturday night, and I won $95 on our twelfth game (out of fifteen). I put $20 of it in the offering plate at church on Sunday morning. Mostly for irony’s sake but also because, hell, I had the cash, and I never have cash.
  • I miss TV. That is all.
  • The performance on Tuesday was meh. Fine. Cautionary Husband said that I did better than he expected me to, which was mean and nice at the same time. I’ve never used the electric part of the electric-acoustic function of my guitar, so it was terrible interesting to hear all the tiny mistakes I made amplified OVER A SPEAKER. But my singing was okay, I think. I was asked to join the church choir, at any rate.
  • After my performance, CH and I went to get a drink at Cautionary Pub, where I saw Cautionary Bartender. I sidled up to the bar, and she came straight to me even though there were a lot of other people who had been waiting much longer. As she poured my drink, she told me that I HAD to come to her BOYFRIEND’S birthday party the next day. Which, I think, is a way of saying NOT A LESBIAN. Later, she made me take a FREE shot with her before I could close out my tab. I think I’m going to enjoy having a bartender friend very much. Happy Mardi Gras to me.
  • Giving up cussing is going to be harder than I thought. At coffee with a friend this morning, I cussed roughly twenty times, and every time I cussed, I said an alternate just-as-bad word immediately after because I’m not supposed to be cussing, which brought my final tally to about forty. So it seems I’m now cussing doubletime. Off to a great start.
  • Edits:

  • I can’t believe I posted a video of myself singing. God help me. God help YOU.
  • Tagalongs taste a lot like puppy chow, don’t they? Effing delicious.
  • More Edits:

  • I trust that y’all will tell me if it’s truly horrible so I can remove it with a bit of dignity intact.
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    9 responses to “Updates.

    1. Yay!! to new girl friends! πŸ™‚

    2. DB

      Two thoughts- I haven’t heard you sing in forever, and it brought back so many memories! And CD cracks me up in that video… he looks as though it’s entirely commonplace for his mom to sing and play guitar while he sleeps on the couch. Maybe it is.

    3. alifeinsubtitles

      nice! sounds great! not gonna lie, you’re better at guitar than i thought you would be, hahaha. you have a nice, soft tone to your voice as well, keep it up!

    4. juliennejiggs

      It was so good! Way to go. And? I think I’m in love with your dog. Your voice is pretty but not at ALL what I expected. Now I really want to hear your speaking voice for comparison!

    5. I thought it was great, no lie! When you were warning us, I was all, OMG it’s gonna be a trainwreck. It was fabulous. You done did good.

    6. I loved it! You did a great job and your dog is so cute πŸ™‚

    7. humanbeingblog

      Your singing inspired my latest post. Thanks for sharing with us. You have a lovely voice.

    8. Pingback: Maybe we’re all buskers « human, being

    9. I LOVED it! I thought your voice was beautiful.

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