What happened.

The martinis clearly still hadn’t worn off entirely when I wrote that post last night.

Or when I wrote a note that said “I love to make new friends. Call/e-mail if you wanna hang out.” with my number and e-mail on it and drove back to the bar and dropped it in the tip jar and winked at the bartender when she turned around and smiled at me as I was walking away.

I didn’t realize until this morning that last night I quite likely hit on a lesbian who hit on me.

Anyway, she texted me at 9:20 last night, about an hour after I got home: “Hi, [Cautionary Girl], it’s [Cautionary Bartender] from [Cautionary Pub].  I’m off if you want one more drink…”

I know everyone’s not a copyeditor (like me), but I have to assume those ellipses are very intentional.

I didn’t receive the text until I got out of the tub at 9:40.  I wrote back “Just got out of the bath–another night this week? :)”  Didn’t hear back.

Maybe a girl who may or may not be a lesbian and has lots of arm tattoos and works as a bartender at a kick ass pub and tells patrons at said pub that they’re gorgeous isn’t interested in being friends with a girl who probably isn’t a lesbian and drinks Grey Goose martinis at pubs and takes baths at 9 p.m. and inserts emoticons into text messages.  And, Christ, who blogs about it.

But fingers crossed.



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4 responses to “What happened.

  1. Ya never know… And “the straights” can be friends with “the gays”. 😉

  2. alifeinsubtitles

    yep, be forewarned: an ellipsis is not an accident.

  3. DB

    Wow, what does an ellipsis mean?

    Last summer, hubby and I went to our apartment pool, where we met an odd couple; an older gentleman and a very pretty, mid-thirties gal who was quite drunk. We all struck up a conversation, and in about half an hour, this gal was hugging me and telling me how pretty I was. I just thought she was being drunk and nice, until hubby whisked me away and informed me that she was clearly hitting on me. I didn’t know whether to be disturbed or flattered!

  4. juliennejiggs

    This just completely made my day. 🙂

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