Moving day thoughts: disconnected thoughts on a disconnected day.

I wrote this back on January 10, before I had internet, and before we had completely moved out.  We had spent the day moving furniture and necessities, and by “we,” I mean Cautionary Husband, his one Designated Friend, me and my one Designated Friend.  It was as though Cautionary Husband and I were in a boxing ring, and we each had one friend in our corner, to massage our muscles and give us water periodically and then send us back out into the match.  Only, there were no winners.

The process of moving ended up taking most of the month of January, and on Saturday, the 31st, I did one final sweep (both figuratively and literally), locked the front door for the last time, and dropped my keys through the mailslot in the door.

I’m finally living in just one place.  I’m finally moved out.  So I felt as though I could finally post this.  In its raw, unedited form.

The first thing to go in my refrigerator was a box of red wine from Target.

I expected to feel some sort of relief today that the separation has finally happened, but all I keep thinking is, “Where’s Cautionary Husband?”  I’m thinking that it was kind of nice, having someone to hang out with any time of the day.  I regret that most of the time we were living together, I spent trying to get away from CH.

Cautionary Dog was in doggie daycare all day, and when I first brought him over to the old place to pack an overnight bag, he ran from room to room, looking for all the furniture, and then looking at me as if to say, “What have you done?!”  He’s lived there for most of his life.  I think making a new home will be harder on him than on me.  He won’t poo outside the new place yet. He did, however, lift his leg and pee on the “For Lease” sign that is leaning against the side of the building.  The one that used to advertise my place.

We just moved furniture today.  I packed a bag of essentials, which included one single change of clothes and the toiletries I require to make myself presentable in the morning, as if I’m just on a vacation.  The kind of vacation where you have to bring all the amenities that should be provided, like towels.

I left Cautionary Dog in the bathroom right after Designated Friend and I picked him up from doggie daycare and left to go get dinner.  When we got back, he greeted us at the door.  I’d thought I’d closed the bathroom door fully, but DF said that the door seems to be having issues.  Later, when I went to shut the door, the doorknob fell off in my hand. I had to kick the door open.  When I got the knob back on, it still wasn’t functioning properly, so I said aloud to myself, “Well, I guess I won’t be shutting that door.”  I don’t know how to fix doorknobs.

I went to Target for lightbulbs and water.  I’m thinking I could live anywhere, as long as I had good lighting and lots of water.  However, it seems as though I’ll have to purchase a screwdriver to get light in the kitchen.  The bulbs appear to be out.

Was hoping I could steal someone’s internet until I get my own installed a week from today, but everyone around here has a secured connection, which seems kind of surprising to me.  I keep checking just to make sure, but no, still all secured.  There’s “Eric,” “Tommy1,” “somsom,” “OPZ,” and “Ludivine2.”

I told Designated Friend today that I know she’s getting a sushi dinner out of helping me move, but that also I was likely to provide her with months of gratitude that she’s happily married.

Cautionary Dog is curled up beside me in bed.  It’s 9:45 p.m., and I’m going to sleep alone.



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3 responses to “Moving day thoughts: disconnected thoughts on a disconnected day.

  1. how’s the separation going? hopefully you are doing okay.

  2. I bet DF was glad that she could be there to help you, and you know, empty your proverbial spit bucket.

  3. DB

    Hey lady. Hope you’re doing okay.

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