Eating alone is the hardest part.

I knew it would be, and it is.

Nothing, not Ella Fitzgerald on the record player nor an engrossing book nor a glass of wine nor carrying on a conversation with Cautionary Dog while he sits and cocks his head in adorable ways, makes it easier.

The other night I actually ate dinner standing up because of this.  I pulled some pieces of the frozen pizza I’d made the night before out of the fridge and ate them cold, standing up beside the table.  As quickly as possible, so I could get on to other things already.  Things that involve my eyes and both hands, ideally.



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3 responses to “Eating alone is the hardest part.

  1. I too found this incredibly hard at first. I combatted it by making a weekly dinner date with several friends. Before long, I had two standing dates with some girlfriends and my dinners weren’t so lonely, my house not so empty.

  2. I’m glad that I’m not the only person to think like this.

    I have no idea why I stand up while I eat alone, but it’s something that happens more often than I am comfortable admitting on the internet.

  3. I imagine that would be hard. What is Cautionary Husband doing? Would it be appropriate to share a weekly meal together? I mean, you guys seem to still be on speaking terms. And if you’re using this time to determine whether you want to permanently separate, it seems you should also use this time to see if you want to get back together. Maybe “dating” would be a good idea. See if you guys can re-discover what made you first fall in love enough to make the commitment of marriage.

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