Party of one.

On Monday night I went grocery shopping by myself, for myself for the first time.

It really wasn’t too different from shopping for two.  Cautionary Husband and I enjoy similar food items, so my selections weren’t any different.  Bread.  Milk.  Corn Pops.  Cheese.  Lunch meat.  Wheat Thins Crisps.  Thick and Creamy Macaroni and Cheese.  And the total still came out to about $64, which is kind of astounding.  And kind of depressing.

I did, however, feel a little sheepish buying that gallon of Blue Bell Dutch Chocolate ice cream.



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6 responses to “Party of one.

  1. Shopping for one is difficult. I tend to try to cook for the BF once a week so I can use up the produce that will probably go bad because, afterall, it’s just me.

  2. DB

    I need to take some shopping lessons from you. As a rule, I don’t shop with my husband because he generally adds about $50 worth of snacks to the cart when I’m not looking. In fact, our first married fight was over grocery shopping!

  3. Don’t you ever feel guilty about ice cream.

    I try so hard to keep the grocery bill down and am astonished every time I shop, even for just a few things, when I see the total. It’s so expensive!

  4. Grocery shopping is crazy expensive and when I tried to save money I found that I just bought crap. So I’ve basically given up on having a budget for grocery shopping. I’d rather try and budget almost anywhere else. But there is a bonus to buying groceries for myself – the boy won’t touch fish or any other seafood, or spinach or most veggies to I get to eat whatever I want when it’s just me!

    Also? I’m Canadian and we can’t get Blue Bell ice cream, and I became addicted to the Candy Jar flavour the last time I was visiting the US. I’ve been going through withdrawal for months.

  5. Don’t ever feel sheepish buying Blue Bell. It’s the best. And you won’t need to share.

  6. I’ve always said shopping for one is more expensive than shopping for two.

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